I Remember

I Remember - AlunaGeorge
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AlunaGeorge is quickly becoming my favorite duo. Aluna’s vocals are killing it complimented by Georges mastery behind the scenes. If you don’t know who Flume is go check him out on SoundCloud. He helped produce this track and his talent shows… big time.

As for my relation and adoration towards this song I will say I think we all have that person.

Aluna Francis spoke briefly with Annie Mac about the meaning behind the tune. “It’s pretty much how it sounds,” she explained. “You bump into an ex, you pretty much think you’ve really got over him, and there’s that moment when you bump into him, and you’re kind of acting like strangers… but there’s memories that pop up in your head, and in a way, you wish you could back to the beginning and meet him again and go through the best bits.”