Moving Forward

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These past few days I’ve seen more divisiveness than ever before. In my interwebs of friends I’ve seen things ranging from the sharing of absurd posts to comments that are completely ignorant or blatantly intolerant.

To start, I would like to call out some my Christian friend circle. The individuals who have shared, posted, memed, with crass, rude, finger pointing, name calling behavior: shame on you. I can’t stop shaking my head in disappointment thinking this is the way you plan to reach people. Calling someone a libtard, nutjob, idiot, stupid, etc., being a Christian you should hold yourself to a higher standard. And to those that don’t stand against it or end up liking those comments or posts are just a guilty. My friend shared her concerns with the new administration’s lack of health care replacement options. And instead of receiving any support or even a request to pray with her about the anxiety she was having she was met with comments that were heartbreaking. This is your witness. This is how you’re sharing your God’s love. And you should be ashamed.

To the rest of my friend circle, I get it. I’m hurt too. Stand firm, be zealous, hold your head high, be angry but be sure to channel that anger into positive actions, be fervent, be loud, and be patient. We have to get to the point where we can have open and honest conversations with each other. Don’t destroy that opportunity for communication by name calling or degrading anyone because it’s not worth it.

The action of sharing and commenting is made very simple with Facebook, and the consequences are immediate. Please, I urge all of you to stop following these offensive, extremist, Facebook “news” groups. They post images that point fingers, name call, and are usually so far away from factual it’s painful to comprehend why anyone would share it in the first place. Take your time and do some research before you post or comment and try to stay objective. And for the love of all things stop looking at sites with articles like “YOU’LL NEVER BELEIVE WHAT THEY DID!”. Try by starting with going directly to the organization’s website. Or just talk to people. When millions of people are out marching, don’t just call them stupid. Find out what they are doing by having a conversation with someone that is there. See why they attended and if applicable challenge things that don’t make sense. We can all grow and learn from each other.

What I’ve seen these past few days is not how we will move forward. These past few days have also made me realize how much I need to refocus my energy. Moving forward I’m going to be off of Facebook for the foreseeable future. I’ll keep my messenger active if you want to invite me to something or just talk. I will be posting more on the blog and Instagram too if you’d like to keep up, and don’t worry I’ll always be available for a drink!



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