Father’s Day

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Dear dad,

You’ve meant more to me than I could’ve ever asked for.

You’ve always been there for me.

Eatin Out

I remember learning how to ride a bike.
I was so scared.
You were patient with me.

Fathers Day

I remember when you found out that I accepted Jesus as my lord & savior in Sunday school.

We shared so many emotions.

You were there for me, dad.

You showed up to my soccer games.
Your Saturdays weren’t busy enough.
Overtime had to wait.

I needed your attention, dad, and you gave it to me.



I remember during one of my first golf lessons; I drove the ball the furthest.
I remember how proud it made you.
I was so happy.


I remember you helping me find my first car.
I was so excited!
You were so happy.

We both got more than we asked for.

I remember coming home drunk one night.
I knew I disappointed you.
I was better than that and you knew it.

Before my high school graduation I remember opening my acceptance letter to ASU with you.
The future was so bright.
Our dreams were so in line.


Plans changed and Dallas was calling my name.

Biblical training and ministry had taken the reigns.
But you were still in the game.


Well here I am today. Still chipping away and driving further everyday. The father you’ve been to me I could never repay. Through thick and thin you’ve been there every step of the way. Thank you dad. You’ve been a father that truly loves. Today is not just a day I celebrate you but everyone else who has come in contact with your fatherly love. Anyone who comes in contact with Krystal, Ronnie, Neil or I knows your love. You’ve shared something great with my sister and brothers. You’ve shared what it means to be a father. You’ve shared your love and it’s more than enough.

I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day.

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