Moving Forward

These past few days I’ve seen more divisiveness than ever before. In my interwebs of friends I’ve seen things ranging from the sharing of absurd posts to comments that are completely ignorant or blatantly intolerant. To start, I would like to call out some my Christian friend circle. The individuals who have shared, posted, memed, with crass, rude, finger pointing, […]

Dear Nico Hines

Today a “journalist” named Nico Hines from the Daily Beast outed a group of LGBT olympic athletes in Rio. He used apps to find and chat with gay individuals so he could write a story about them. My heart literally shattered into pieces upon reading the article. Since then the Daily Beast has removed the article and posted an apology. I remember the […]

My Team

On the day of an event you will most likely find me on the sidelines. I’ll be standing there with a huge grin and waving a poster, cheering for my athlete. I naturally assume the cheerleader role when it comes to events. I find so much fulfillment in giving people the extra little lift by yelling at the top of […]

AIDS LifeCycle

About two years ago I was told about this mystical 545 mile cycling ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I heard stories of the training, fundraising, volunteering, and all around craziness that the ride entailed. One thing that was completely understated was what the ride was helping accomplish. The AIDS LifeCycle (ALC) helps raise awareness and support for the […]

A Mother and Her Gay Son

What does this mother who Loves God with all her heart, who raised her son in a Christian background, think about his decision to live an openly gay lifestyle? How do I feel about him not living a traditional Christian lifestyle?

Father’s Day

Dear dad, You’ve meant more to me than I could’ve ever asked for. You’ve always been there for me. I remember learning how to ride a bike. I was so scared. You were patient with me. I remember when you found out that I accepted Jesus as my lord & savior in Sunday school. We shared so many emotions. You […]

Hope, Happiness & Joy – Part 3

So my last post I told you this entry would be about joy… I’ve struggled with what to write about; how to write it and what it would sound like. After writing and rewriting a hundred times I finally feel like I can click “Publish” with the following post. 1joy noun \ˈjȯi\ : a feeling of great happiness : a source […]

Rise and Shine!

I decided to write this blog post because it’s the most beneficial form of expression to reach a social group that I don’t get to communicate with on a regular basis. I wanted my first writing to be something that has been a taboo in MANY conversations I’ve had with people: my sexual orientation.