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#ThisCouldBeUs - Doug Locke

First Time He Kissed A Boy

First Time He Kissed a Boy - Kadie Elder

I Remember

I Remember - AlunaGeorge

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Moving Forward

Monday, 1 January 2017

These past few days I’ve seen more divisiveness than ever before. In my interwebs of friends I’ve seen things ranging from the sharing of absurd […]

Dear Nico Hines

Friday, 8 August 2016

Today a “journalist” named Nico Hines from the Daily Beast¬†outed a group of LGBT olympic athletes¬†in Rio. He used apps to find and chat with […]

My Team

Saturday, 6 June 2016

On the day of an event you will most likely find me on the sidelines. I’ll be standing there with a huge grin and waving […]